Friday, May 29, 2009

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1st of all i want to sorry i have abandoned my blog for a few weeks haha blame the exam weeks..i have to revise for my accounting,geography and economics for my AS exam i just finished my exam my accounting paper 2 a few days ago and it was so hard....i dun expect the doubtful debts coming out and i have made a big mistake for question no 3(break-even)i shud write my fixed cost for all three products $480000 but instead i write $240000 for the 1st product and 480000 for the other two products..huhuh so cuai!!!and question no1 i dun know how to calculate sales and purchases using control account so i just leave it anyway i will try to memorize the mcq for paper 1 now which is on 2 june and have to revise my geo too for 3 june hua...