Friday, March 27, 2009

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school reopen !!!!

bowh na lama lagi skulah nee haha lepas esok wah (ahad) huhu boring eyh...for me this holiday more relax cuz i dun get any homework lol

1.accounting, no hw but if we have time do past paper

2.economic,sir alwi belayar with the stpri for trip to uk,hope u have fun there sir!!

3.geography,no hw cuz we going to have test on monday 1st day when school reopen

4.Gp,no hw cuz all of my classmates manage to finished their projects

Activity during holiday

  • monday 23rd,went to DBP--> revise
  • wednesday 25th,went to dewan serbaguna playing badminton with amar,roy,zizi,abg,faisal,akram,dee,amal and others(na ku tau namanya haha)
  • thursday 26th,went to DBP again revise and afternoon went to rainforest cyber cafe to play dota at 'sumthing' hotel haha sory guys yea im noob haha kalah saja ah shit!!!

interesting story on wednesday

-->pada suatu hari haha lame..there is this old guy,erm let call him "A",while my friend was playing badminton he said "kalau main atu bisai2",(sumthing like that). Then after my friend finished playing badminton,it was A turn to play right but he didn't play wah geddit?he rather choose smoking and chat with his other friend what a nonsense!!!

and when i want to go home exactly 5pm suddenly he appeared behind me and said "nada kamu betangan kah kan menutup pintu ah wang?", Like Pfft...mental jua..datang bulan kah? so i just ignored him for awhile then dee said "tu rush", i just go and close the door ignoring what he's talking about some i can recall"payah jua orang main badminton tu...masuk angin ah", and i was thinking inda jua masuk angin tu ada lagi pintu x ah!!!

but it was fun playing badminton with you guys!!!awu c hazman,sham,rajiz,hamid & jimbo can't make it but its okey lah sal kamu ada aku hahaha