Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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we are knockers!!!haha cool eyh

5 january 2009 school reopen and some of md-ians and pteb-ians will move to katok  under the terms and conditions eseh,and there is lot of complaints here and there,some of md-ians appeal to go back to MD but i rather stay at katok cuz banyak kawanku sana and kalau ku pindah ke md sama.erm about the complaints i will list it out aircon wifi book yet for the library

4.inda dapat ke mall


6.ada cigu zarina?erm she's okay lah mana ada pemarah with u guys saja tu haha with saya mana ya marah tu,bowh ada anak buah nya karang ne baca OMG!!!

well i think atu saja nda jua banyak complaints tu


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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hoho okay guy sorry for no update due to technical problem and many hw haha..u see the pic below?i mean my previous post about bff..there is word like fmp,pmj n etc right credman created this name for i will tell u what it means:-

1. haha of course me 1st that was MMK=model macam korean


3.fmp(manta)=flexible macam plastik

4.tmb(sham)=tidur macam batman?ermm im not sure but manta tell me that 

5.tmz(rajiz)=#fgHK&%@!haha awu wah no idea,ane nanti tah ku update lagi sorry.