Friday, May 29, 2009

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movies and website

hehe just want to share wif u guys the movies i watched recently:-

hotel for dogs


fast and furious 4

iron man



forbidden kingdom



slumdog millionnaire

red cliff2

madagascar 2

as you realize some of the movies yg lama sudah haha atu pasal i dun have money to buy the dvd wahhh so i just download them ok now for the website to download movies
which is from mediafire:- and found out yesterday and i download step up2 and dhoom2 from this website highly recommended!!)


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1st of all i want to sorry i have abandoned my blog for a few weeks haha blame the exam weeks..i have to revise for my accounting,geography and economics for my AS exam i just finished my exam my accounting paper 2 a few days ago and it was so hard....i dun expect the doubtful debts coming out and i have made a big mistake for question no 3(break-even)i shud write my fixed cost for all three products $480000 but instead i write $240000 for the 1st product and 480000 for the other two products..huhuh so cuai!!!and question no1 i dun know how to calculate sales and purchases using control account so i just leave it anyway i will try to memorize the mcq for paper 1 now which is on 2 june and have to revise my geo too for 3 june hua...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

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HAHA happy ku!!!!i can access another free wireless network starting from today huhu so lucky lohh...and the connection speed is far more better than before.this week i just get my test marks.geo i got 10/30 possibly the lowest in my class haha and for gp i get e-23/50,and for eco our test so kacang ah..adakah mcq ganya haha anyway i got 74 for that wafi got the highest which is 76..i know what in ur mind now,kalau kacang kenapa dapat 74?haha mua mu ah inda kan perfect x!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

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New Song

FYI i just provide u all the links..i dun upload those k



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school reopen !!!!

bowh na lama lagi skulah nee haha lepas esok wah (ahad) huhu boring eyh...for me this holiday more relax cuz i dun get any homework lol

1.accounting, no hw but if we have time do past paper

2.economic,sir alwi belayar with the stpri for trip to uk,hope u have fun there sir!!

3.geography,no hw cuz we going to have test on monday 1st day when school reopen

4.Gp,no hw cuz all of my classmates manage to finished their projects

Activity during holiday

  • monday 23rd,went to DBP--> revise
  • wednesday 25th,went to dewan serbaguna playing badminton with amar,roy,zizi,abg,faisal,akram,dee,amal and others(na ku tau namanya haha)
  • thursday 26th,went to DBP again revise and afternoon went to rainforest cyber cafe to play dota at 'sumthing' hotel haha sory guys yea im noob haha kalah saja ah shit!!!

interesting story on wednesday

-->pada suatu hari haha lame..there is this old guy,erm let call him "A",while my friend was playing badminton he said "kalau main atu bisai2",(sumthing like that). Then after my friend finished playing badminton,it was A turn to play right but he didn't play wah geddit?he rather choose smoking and chat with his other friend what a nonsense!!!

and when i want to go home exactly 5pm suddenly he appeared behind me and said "nada kamu betangan kah kan menutup pintu ah wang?", Like Pfft...mental jua..datang bulan kah? so i just ignored him for awhile then dee said "tu rush", i just go and close the door ignoring what he's talking about some i can recall"payah jua orang main badminton tu...masuk angin ah", and i was thinking inda jua masuk angin tu ada lagi pintu x ah!!!

but it was fun playing badminton with you guys!!!awu c hazman,sham,rajiz,hamid & jimbo can't make it but its okey lah sal kamu ada aku hahaha



Thursday, March 5, 2009

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ok now for korean song:-

  • Superman by mario
  • Rainism by rain
  • Livable by brand new day
  • Crazy by son dam bi
  • Love is so easy by namolla family
  • Hold on by namolla family
  • Ur man by ss501
  • Strong baby by seung ri
  • Deja vu by ss501
  • Wealthy generation by ajoo
  • Happy together by ???(hehe not sure)
  • Amigo by shinee
  • Gee by snsd
  • After school ah! by???
  • Charm by lyn feat mc
  • Bo go ship da by kim bum soo
  • Thank you by kim jong kook
  • You and the rain by rumble fish
  • Are you listening by lee seung chul

thats all i can recall k bye!!


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hehe just want to share my favourite song i hear currently with u all

english song:-

  • Up by the saturdays
  • Circus by britney spears
  • Womanizer by britney spears
  • Mad by ne-yo
  • So what by pink
  • I hate this part by pussycat dolls
  • Live your life by t.i & rihanna
  • If i were a boy by beyonce
  • Hot N Cold by katy perry
  • Right now by akon
  • Dangerous by kardinal offishall feat akon
  • Love lockdown by kanye west
  • Angel by natasha bedingfield
  • Dear god by avenged sevenfold
  • Forgive me by leona lewis
  • Sweetest girl by wycleaf jean,akon,lil wayne & nia
  • A little too not over you by david archuleta
  • Angel in the night by basshunter
  • Insomnia by craig david

Ok thats all for now i will share with u all my favourite korean song in my next post

see ya!!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

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kesubukan by putri norizah(request by manis)---->

download here


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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we are knockers!!!haha cool eyh

5 january 2009 school reopen and some of md-ians and pteb-ians will move to katok  under the terms and conditions eseh,and there is lot of complaints here and there,some of md-ians appeal to go back to MD but i rather stay at katok cuz banyak kawanku sana and kalau ku pindah ke md sama.erm about the complaints i will list it out aircon wifi book yet for the library

4.inda dapat ke mall


6.ada cigu zarina?erm she's okay lah mana ada pemarah with u guys saja tu haha with saya mana ya marah tu,bowh ada anak buah nya karang ne baca OMG!!!

well i think atu saja nda jua banyak complaints tu


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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hoho okay guy sorry for no update due to technical problem and many hw haha..u see the pic below?i mean my previous post about bff..there is word like fmp,pmj n etc right credman created this name for i will tell u what it means:-

1. haha of course me 1st that was MMK=model macam korean


3.fmp(manta)=flexible macam plastik

4.tmb(sham)=tidur macam batman?ermm im not sure but manta tell me that 

5.tmz(rajiz)=#fgHK&%@!haha awu wah no idea,ane nanti tah ku update lagi sorry.